A. Wayne on The Authors Show

A. Wayne is a science fiction horror author with a passion for science, ufology, the stars and what the future might hold. Now, on the verge of releasing her sequel to Captain Caldwell, she is to appear on the #1 Author Radio Show!

A Little About A. Wayne

Alexa Wayne, the CEO of Space-Time Magazine and sci-fi horror author, is a proud introvert. She believes it to be an asset for someone who studies, research and write all day long and night. She likes to be alone with her American Cocker, Carey by her side and read about the latest discoveries in space.

A. Wayne studied graphic and web design, studied 3D Animation and Sequential Art with Comics Experience. She added to her study Digital Painting, Storytelling, Proofreading & Editing, Self-Publishing, Social Marketing, Blog Business, and Novel Writing.

However, due to her fascination with space and science fiction, Alexa Wayne decided to add Ufology to her arsenal and is now studying Astronomy.

The Inspiration

A. Wayne considers herself a complete nerd. Trekker and proud, she also enjoyed Stargate SG-1Battlestar Galactica’s reboot, RoboCop, the Alien franchise, FarscapeFirefly, and many more. However, the movie that changed her forever remains one that she considers to be underrated, the 1997 movie of Event Horizon.

Gathering her passion, research, and creativity, she came up with two science-fiction series from the same fictional universe. UNFORGIVEN — Captain Caldwell came up in 30th June 2018. The release of the sequel is a surprise announcement to come.


UNFORGIVEN — Captain Caldwell
01900 hours, 17th of July 2505 (Gregorian Calendar), 
Orion Quadrant, Milky Way, Earth, 
United-States, Louisiana, New Orleans. 
Mission: Ghost aka Unrecorded.

Colonel Locklear is in a compromising situation after attempting to rescue a top-secret team, most importantly, its captain. On his planet, Liberty, the military team had the name, Unit 8. Their most valuable asset, Captain Caldwell. Locklear fought the war between Earth and Liberty, which humans were the first to colonize. Independence a reason to go to war for is no different in this post-war future.

UNFORGIVEN - Captain Caldwell by A. Wayne
UNFORGIVEN – Captain Caldwell by A. Wayne

When Colonel Locklear was turned on, with the DNA of whom he thought were his Native Americans parents, he became the first and only Type 4 Android. However, being a cybernetic being in the twenty-sixth century was illegal on Earth.

Luckily for him, Mrs. Borg found him and spared him the dreadful future of any AI sentient being. Mrs. Borg ruled over Louisiana and owned the freedom of many, including his and possessed what he first came to Earth to save but would she let him have him?

Welcome to the 26th Century.


The Authors Show

The Authors Show is more than a show in the traditional sense of the word. It is a professional interview podcast created in 2005 that offers participants multiple benefits that authors who are serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially in as much as these benefits have long-lasting effects. The Authors Show broadcasts interview on six separate channels, each featuring one individual author for a full 24hrs Monday through Thursday, and 3-day weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun.)THE AUTHORS SHOW

The Authors Show

A. Wayne considers herself quite lucky to be one of the lucky selected authors. She never thought it would be possible for her to appear on the #1 author radio show. When learning about it, she felt closer to her dream than ever before. To know the exact date of her appearance, subscribe to STM’s Newsletter and visit Alexa Wayne’s website!

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