Titans Is The True Face Of DC Comics

Titans or Teen Titans is a pioneer of its genre in the comic book world. Because, what happens to the sidekicks when they want to become their heroes? You can’t quit being a hero. It’s in your blood. Teen Titans made it real for the grown-up sidekicks and Titans is all grown-up s***!


Titans Summary

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise.

Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth.

How It Started For Me

About a decade ago, I was sick and had what I call my “year of hell.” To top it all out, we had a small fire in our kitchen. Lucky enough, my hubby and I moved into my grandparents’ house who raised me so that I could take care of my grandpa.

We had a multi-generation house. Since my grandpa wasn’t present at the time, I moved into the basement where I was safe, I had asthma, but I was out of reading stock!

My hubby, a true nerd, had his collection of comic books upstairs in our bedroom where the fire didn’t hit. Since I was a toddler, I was in love with Batman but didn’t know his comic book story. So, I called him at work and asked if I could go through his boxes to read Batman and if there were some I shouldn’t touch.

He gave me his blessing. I took all of his Batman comic books which was a huge pile! I ate them all up, figuratively, then moved on to his the New Teen Titans. Then, I went on Amazon and bought more, and more, and more. Today, here we are, a full nerd addicted to the DC Comics world and what I refer to as the Batmanologist.

I collect the Batman-verse at the exception of Batgirl, Batwoman, and Catwoman. However, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Starfire, as well as Raven, are ones I can’t stop reading.

Just Keep Reading!

Not many know the entire story behind the teen titans. We have various televised incarnations in the cartoon department such as Teen Titans, which watchers grew to be quite fond of with a mix of fun moments and drama. Sadly for the fans, the channel announced the cancellation of the series.

Teen Titans Cartoon
Teen Titans Cartoon

Then its replacement, Teen Titans GO! with the same voice actors, but while many say it is for children, I record the show, and it’s a blast! It is more for adults than children as the moral of each fifteen-minute adventure is wrong, and the 80s and 90s puns can’t be for kids!

Teen Titans GO! Cartoon
Teen Titans GO! Cartoon

As TTG went on, a new cartoon emerged, the revived and evolved, Young Justice. After two seasons, a few years back, Young Justice met its end due to lack of toy sells. The cartoon showed a fresh take on the Teen Titans and was more severe than its predecessor.

Its audience was older fans of the original comic books, or cartoon even and not as young as they first thought. The love for the characters was real and persisted so long with fan fiction, artwork, and more, that DC Comics and Warner Brothers announced its return on Netflix.

Why am I mentioning that? Keep reading!

Titans’ Anticipated Debut

As a result, I believe it was due to the realization that Young Justice appealed to an older crowd, that the live-action Titans became a reality. Fans of the superhero franchise belonging to DC Comics created many fan-made movies and web series.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Fan-art of the characters, drawn by an older generation, showed that those who grew up either reading the original New Teen Titans by George Pérez, among other writers in 1984, or the cartoon, was big enough and worth a shot. Successes such as Arrow and The Flash on cable proved DC Comics‘ wrong when trying to appeal only to younger watchers.

New Teen Titans by DC Comics
New Teen Titans by DC Comics

However, now Titans pushes the boundaries way farther by having the sidekick, Richard or Dick Grayson, mortally wounding bad guys or kill them. They have the characters curse and use brutality, as well as gore, and sexual references. This mentality is all new in the DC Comics universe, and we like it.

You’re A Dick

The series revolves around Grayson, the first Robin, who left Batman to become his person away from Gotham.

Just like in the comic books, Grayson left not as much on good terms, rather a fight between him and Bruce. Grayson carries much resentment toward Bruce, holding him responsible for what he became.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Just like in the comic books, Grayson changed from a grieving boy to a happy sidekick, to finally see himself becoming Batman. The darkness growing inside of him had Grayson reconsider his place beside Bruce, and finally left.

Throughout the first season, we see flashes of Grayson’s past, learning why he left the Wayne Manor. Again, loyal to his original story, Grayson became a successful detective, but while he quit as Batman’s sidekick, he never put away the Robin mantle.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Moreover, the show kept Grayson’s everlasting charm with the ladies but focuses more on his mental breakdown and what that he is going through. Meeting Rachel Roth changes his life, but also made him a liar.

The running joke, calling him “Dick” to make him realize, “that was a dick move.”

The Flying Raven

Introducing a character such as Raven is quite a challenge in itself. What works for a comic book cannot necessarily work for television. Additionally, in an era where superheroes on tv have a more “realistic” story, someone like Raven is hard to juggle with.

Raven is the result of a union between a virgin human woman part of an evil cult and a demon named, Trigon, that presented himself as a human man. As a result, Raven grows up to become a half-demon.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Just like the comic book, Raven, aka, Rachel Roth grew up with a stranger passing herself as her mother. Rachel continually lives in the terror that the “darkness inside of her” would someday win and she would hurt people. Her style, just like the cartoons and comic books, is more Gothic with her primary colors of blue, purple and black.

To make her more relatable, she doesn’t wear her red jewel on her forehead, but as a necklace around her neck. Of course, this fourteen-year-old child is not running around in a ballet leotard and a cloak. She instead rocks a typical rock/goth look, and a beaked hoodie.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Her first meeting with one of the soon to become Titan is Grayson. She dreamed about him and his family in the circus and witnessed his parents dying before his eyes.

A Song of Star and Fire

Many doubted the look of Koriand’ r, aka, Starfire, when it became public. I do not think it was the choice of nationality as much as it was the clothing. I believe what she wore was the main problem when she first came public. At least it was for me!

However, when you watch the series, you understand why, and the actress is so spot on with her role that you overlook it entirely. However, watch it to the end!

DC Titans
DC Titans

Starfire is a beloved superhero of many people. I loved her heartbreaking background story, her naive and innocent unconditional love, and strength. Her physic, quite appealing, orange skin and long fiery hair, and a much revealing costume had her popular with the men.

However, I cherish Starfire for the woman she is and not what she wears become on her planet; they embrace the bodies and don’t shame the appearance. Sexual themes are viewed differently on Tamaran, her home planet, so her clothing is minimal due to her not understanding the need to wear those.

In the Titans series, Starfire is African American, which I love because in the comic books she had orange skin which to me, translated as a person of color. Another great decision they made was the red curls!

DC Titans
Titans Ep. 104–Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

It reminded me of Starfire’s hair in the original the New Teen Titans my husband had. Okay, I wished her hair was longer, but that’s not a problem at all. The actress is gorgeous just like Koriand’ r is, she is so bad*** which is what the alien princess should be. I can’t complain!

In the series, just like in the comic books, Kori becomes fond of Raven quickly and defend those she loves on the spot. In the New 52, Kori came to Earth and lost her memory. She couldn’t remember who she was and what she was there to do. In the series, they used that memory loss to have the story move forward, and it works perfectly.

Boy and the Beast

DC Comics didn’t only release Titans and call it a day. Instead, they used it to present us their new show, Doom Patrol. Constructed of freaks, those people live in a mansion of a man named, Chief. When Rachel flees a sanctuary, she comes face to face with a green tiger. The chemistry is almost instant, and a friendship began.

DC Titans
DC Titans

It was the second time that Rachel met Garfield that he brings her to his place where you meet the Doom Patrol. Played by an Asian actor, we, the viewers, love this diversity in superheroes! It creates a unique bond between the characters that surpass expectations and makes the beloved characters even more relatable.

Garfield is, just like in the cartoons, instantly attracted to Rachel. He wants to make her happy and stay by her side to protect her and make her laugh. When she meets his “roommates,” she shows abilities of healing that has them open up to her. You learn about Doom Patrol and their unique physics and stories, as you want to give their series a shot!

DC Doom Patrol
DC Doom Patrol

Beast Boy at the moment, changes to a tiger only. However, let’s not forget about the cartoon where his go-to animal was a Gorilla. He hasn’t sufficiently embraced his powers yet, and so we can’t assume at the moment that a tiger is the only animal he can transform into. Moreover, just like comic books and cartoons, he is a vegan and never bit someone. Watch it to the end.

What To Expect

As of now, the Titans‘ main plot revolves around Rachel and her darkness inside, as it came to light that her father wants out. Rachel being the portal, bad people are after her, and strange ones at that. It seems everyone wants a piece of her.

Subplots concerning Starfire’s loss of memory comes to a conclusion when Rachel wants to help her. Amazing choices of sidekicks appearances such as Wonder Girl and, JASON TODD! Yes, you read right, for the first time we are not jumping a Robin and go straight to Drake, Jason Todd is real, and he is Robin.

DC Titans

Now, guess how Grayson took that news! The subplot around Grayson despising Bruce for what he did to him only grows when he meets face to face with the new Robin, Jason Todd who admires him and is in awe before the first Boy Wonder. Word to the wise, don’t call Grayson Boy Wonder.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Others that seem to show a permanent place are, Hawk and Dove. I showed surprise when realizing they would be more present in the storyline. However, their relationship with Grayson proves to be helpful to the story.

Best Comic Book Live-Action Series

Titans received a warm welcome from the fans. We are happy, I believe that we are not seeing more children shows, but an adult one made for us. There would be so much more to talk about, but I do not wish to spoil the entire series for those who wish to watch it and needed a little nudge to do so.

I am not a television girl, and when I read, I rarely want to see those characters put in live-action shows as it often turns out into a mess — not this one. Titans is proof that if you do your homework right, it can be done and instantly loved by watchers.

DC Titans
DC Titans

Titans is officially coming back with a second season, and I cannot wait to see it! The last episode left us with questions surrounding not only what could happen to Grayson, but also what awaits Starfire and Troy.

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Grayson’s hate for Batman is growing and is driving him not only mad but more brutal than ever. They need Jason Todd back but why? Is Raven capable of saving Grayson or can Garfield protect Raven from her parents? I guess we have to wait to find that out!

Give Titans a watch. Warning, this isn’t for kids just like when any Batman character is leading a team.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne


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