Gaming Console – A War Of My Own Making

I, Alexa Wayne, asked our video game expert, Ed, to write an article about his views concerning consoles. There are so many out there, and each gamer has their favorite, but why and how does it happen? Let’s check it out!

All The Consoles – All of it!

Welcome to the future of gaming. Those six words alone are generally enough to snag anyone’s hard-earned money to get the new hotness of video game consoles.

I am fortunate enough to have all three of these consoles, the big three, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Each of these has a place in our entertainment center and my heart.

Throughout this article, I plan to talk about all three consoles, some of their exclusive games and why I love them. After that, you decide the console that is right for you. I don’t want to bore you with technical specs, so, I am leaving that stuff out and just pushing ahead with what we need to know.


The PlayStation 4, released in December of 2014, the PS4 is the big daddy of the console wars and the highest seller of this console generation. We got our console in June the following year. I have used it ever since, as well as our kids too.

Both of them have their PS4‘s so we can game as a family, or separately, depending on our moods. The PS4 is unique in that respect, the fact that it was our first new-generation console.

We have always been a PlayStation family, having each iteration of the console since the original PlayStation.

Sony - PlayStation 4 Console
Sony – PlayStation 4 Console

The PlayStation brand has evolved since the PlayStation One and Two days. Now, you have a profile that carries over across the consoles. It moves from the PS3 to the PS4, and hopefully to the PS5 when it releases.

All of your achievements stay listed on that profile, all the games you’ve purchased, your friends and everything else I can’t think of at the moment. Sony just made it super easy for you to pick up and play with those that you game with, or enjoy the various things they have to offer.

Sony’s Mean Machine

PlayStation Plus is a monthly service that allows you to not only play online with your buddies but, it gives you access to monthly deals as well as a list of free games each month.

Xbox has something similar, but let’s get to that in the Xbox section of the article.

In the past few years, we saw some of the biggest titles. It came on the market exclusively released for the PS4.

Only On PlayStation
Only On PlayStation

Marvel’s Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and so many more have been breaking the proverbial box office when it comes to Sony‘s little black box. It’s a great time to be a PlayStation fan if you ask me.

So, there is a brief look at Sony‘s machine, now, take my opinion with a grain of salt. If you’re on the market for a game console then do your research, find out what’s best for you as a gamer, which games you want to be playing, then go from there.

PlayStation Final Score: 9 out of 10


The Nintendo Switch, released in March of 2017, is the youngest of the three consoles, but, it’s also the second highest-selling console of this generation, quickly overtaking Microsoft‘s machine.

This one is different though, it’s not your average console, not only is it a home console, but it’s the first of the home consoles to transition to an on-the-go device as well.

Everyone has seen the commercials, someone playing their game at home, then they have to leave for an extended time, but don’t want to put the controller down. They pop the unit out of the dock and then take it with them.

Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia is the name of the game here. Nintendo holds the licenses of some of the most recognized games in history, with the likes of Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and of course, Pokémon.

Anyone of these games could sell this system to the average gamer, and most of them sold me on it as well, being a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, as well as Metroid and so many other Nintendo titles.

Only On Nintendo
Only On Nintendo

Also, this is the only place to play them. Nintendo doesn’t lend out their properties to other companies, so you can never see a Mario game on PlayStation or Xbox.

If you’re looking for family fun, something for the kids of all ages to play, then look no further than Nintendo‘s amazing little machine.

Nintendo Final Score: 8.5 out of 10


The Xbox One, released in August of 2016, the Xbox One came out like a gangbuster, but, with its share of issues. A lot of bad decisions and horrible marketing affected the sales of Microsoft‘s newest console, and they have been playing catch up ever since.

Though they had their missteps in the beginning, there is quite a bit that they did better than their competitors. Like PlayStation, they have a monthly service called Xbox Live Gold, allowing you to play with friends online, as well as getting monthly deals and free games.

Microsoft - Xbox One
Microsoft – Xbox One

However, they have another subscription service called Gamepass, and this is where Xbox shines. For chump change, you get a library of free games at your fingertips, not only games for the Xbox One but games from the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox as well.

The New Gamepass

The Xbox exclusive titles have grown over the years, but have always included such titles as Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Crackdown and so many more. With the Gamepass, they even added older exclusives like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to the mix and sweetened the pot for anyone who owns the console.

 Only On X Box One
Only On X Box One

Recently, they have started to add new games to Gamepass on release day, specifically Microsoft exclusive titles, and that’s huge. I know I can’t afford to throw out 60 bucks every time something epic is released that I want to play.

Games like Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and quite a few others were launched on Gamepass and were free to all of us, reaching a bigger audience than they would have initially.

Xbox One Final Score: 8 out of 10

This Is It!

So, there you have it, my thoughts on the current generation of game consoles. Like I said before, don’t take my word for it, do your research before you drop that kind of cash.

This article is just an informative article showing you my vantage point over the three big consoles. So, figure out which one is best for you, and then enjoy. Until next time, see me in the games.

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  1. Awesome post!!! I’m not a gamer,but all my nieces and nephews love and breath it!! Shared on my socials!!💖✌💋👍


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