My Review of Batman Nightwalker Is Coming

Everyone who knows me, know that I am obsessed with the Dark Knight and consider myself a Batmanologist. While I do not know everything, I know where to look and do research. This novel is where I drew the line. I read it, and now, the review is coming!

Why Me?

When I first read the Batman comic books, I thought to myself, “There should be a novel series or something for the older audience that also enjoys books.”

Do not get me wrong. I am a huge fan of comic books. However, I did enjoy novels as well and thought there would be an audience for it too.

Batman is the type of superhero that can have it both ways, for the young and the old. It is easy to switch him from the Adam West’s series to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. People know him well all around the world. I knew there was an audience for books.

DC Comics - Batman by Jason Fabok
DC Comics – Batman by Jason Fabok

DC Comics decided then to start their DC Comics Icons novels but targeted Teen Fiction. Okay. I can roll with it. Batman is precious. He is a planetary of not a galaxy treasure. Am I over exaggerating? Maybe, but not as a Batman fan.

I received this novel as a gift from one of my best friends, James Vaughan. He knows me quite well and thought I would enjoy the novel since, again, I read both comic books and novels.

I was so happy, as I loved the cover and couldn’t wait to spend the weekend reading it.

Pah-Pah-Pha * Dramatic Music *

I started reading the first six chapters, my eyes bled. I put the novel away. Darn, was I not ready. However, now more than ever, I needed to come out with the truth. There is no way that I am letting the author get away with murder.

DC Comics - Batman by Mikel Janín
DC Comics – Batman by Mikel Janín

Those who love this book, either do not read comic books or their only knowledge of Batman is from movies. It is fine. Do not get me wrong. However, I refuse to stay quiet. If this means I’m going down, it will be swinging.

Next week on Monday, August 19th, 2019 at 2:00 EAST Time, my review of Batman Nightwalker releases and brace yourself. Hell might freeze over.

Marie Lu — The Batman Butcher

Marie Lu, born Xiwei Lu, is an American young adult author. She is best known for the Legend trilogy, novels set in a dystopian and militarized future. The novels form the basis of a film to be produced by Lionsgate. — Wikipedia

I want to make sure everyone understands that while I review the Batman Nightwalker novel, I am NOT reviewing Lu’s work. I did not know the author until the Batman novel.

DC Comics - Batman
DC Comics – Batman

So, all I reviewed is the book and not her other work. I understand she is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, who isn’t? However, I do have respect for those earning the title, which I am sure she did.

Does that excuse what she did to Batman? In my personal opinion, no. Can my review affect her sales or fans? No.

All I want is for people who felt betrayed by this chance to have a neat, action-packed Batman novel to see that I’m here and that the line must be drawn here, this far, no further! Oops, wrong franchise, but it expresses my feelings well.

Nothing I Won’t Do For Batman

Batman is now over eighty years old. He had many writers telling his story. From Scott Snyder to Tony S. Daniel, from Grant Morrison to Frank Miller, and Tom King among so many others. Now we must add Marie Lu to the list.

Please, tune in next Monday, August 19th and read my review. Many might not agree with what I have to say, but I don’t act on subjectivity alone, I used facts and logic.

DC Comics - Batman
DC Comics – Batman

When you take on the role of a writer for such an icon, ask yourself, “What is the one story I’ve always wished to read?” then go for it.

If you’re a little curious, you can go on GoodReads and see what I gave it. Traction is picking up. Share it as much as you can. I want people to know I’d do anything for Batman.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

2 thoughts on “My Review of Batman Nightwalker Is Coming

  1. I have always LOVED batman!!! I love his dark side!!! He’s a hero but not all goodie goodie!!! Awesome post alexa!! Shared on my socials!!💋😉👍💖💗


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