1996 The IMF Year Is Mission Impossible

1996 was the year of the IMF movie franchise. So, let’s go back 23 years in the past when it began. That’s right, that’s how long ago we heard the music that defined a new action generation of watchers. It got this girl hooked on full-action packed spy mysteries and awesome gadgets!

Mission Impossible Original Summary

Let’s just say that 1996 was the IMF year!

“When U.S. government operative Ethan Hunt and his mentor, Jim Phelps, go on a covert assignment that takes a disastrous turn, Jim is killed, and Ethan becomes the prime murder suspect.

Now a fugitive, Hunt recruits brilliant hacker Luther Stickell and maverick pilot Franz Krieger to help him sneak into a heavily guarded CIA building to retrieve a confidential computer file that will prove his innocence.” — Google

1996 Mission Impossible, Summary

Mission Impossible Trailer from Movieclips Classic Trailers

The 1996 IMF Is Still A Classic

On May 22nd, 1996, in Canada, the movie Mission Impossible finally came out. I was only twelve at the time, but tall enough that I was able to sneak in and watch this action-packed movie. Moreover, I had my bag of popcorn and my eyes wide open, enjoying all the high tech and gadgets shown in the various scenes.

Of course, I’m not going to lie. Tom Cruise was easy on the eye. Fun fact about me, when all my girlfriends were drooling over Brad Pitt wanting to go to the theatres, I would follow them and see a Tom Cruise movie. Nobody got this girl in romantic or drama movie, action all the way baby!

1996 - Mission Impossible
1996 – Mission Impossible

Forthwith, three days ago, there was a Mission Impossible marathon on the Showcase Channel. I just missed the first two and decided to watch the first one last night. I could barely remember the movie. I recalled a few scenes, but not the entire plot and overall look of it. So, I decided to tell the hubby, buckle down, we’re watching the first IMF!

Still a classic!

I’m Older Than I Remember

One of the many reasons the Mission Impossible franchise got bigger is due to many reasons. Not solely due to its ulterior television show. Moreover, — how dare I say it, not just because of Tom Cruise’s crazy no stunt double action scenes, but its gadgets.

Let’s face it. Mission Impossible is the American response to the famous British 007 franchise, which is cool because both are a treat to watch in their rights. Just like it’s U.K. counterpart, Mission Impossible has the gadgets.

It started with me wanting to watch a movie, to “Hold on, I need to take notes because this deserves a review!” When the revelations of the technology happened, I looked at the Stone Age laptop and laughed. I could hear the dial-up Internet, see the blue-like screen, and Microsoft operating system with those bulky square everything!

1996 - Mission Impossible
1996 – Mission Impossible

The email, I’m telling you, I couldn’t stop laughing until I realized, I’m older than I thought. It was like a walk down memory lane that got me to think about where it began.

Aside from the computer technology, there was the classic chewing gum with two colors, pink and green when mashed together forms an explosive that gives Hunt five seconds to get the heck out of where he is.

The mark trade masks from Mission Impossible, we don’t see them until done, but most likely by hand in 1996. In the movie, you can enjoy Ethan wearing three of those. The glasses transmitting visual information of what is in front is still quite remarkable to think about. Those are the cool gadgets I always enjoyed seeing in action.

The 1996 Overall Look

Because the first Mission Impossible’s director was Brian De Palma, you can expect diagonal shots, and a more comic book feel to the look of the movie. It flows great, with a few unique filmed scenes that make it unique and quite enjoyable to this day.

Yes, the clothing is full-blown nineties, and so is the women’s hairdo. The overall look, ambiance and scenery are quite reminiscent of the “throwback nineties” if you will, where the transition was happening between the strong fashion statement of the eighties and the “not so sure what this is” from the two thousand coming.

1996 - Mission Impossible
1996 – Mission Impossible

We are talking about 1996 and how it was the IMF year, but also in the middle of a fashion transition.

The first Mission Impossible is nothing like we have today and more layback, less low sci-fi. It has a more basic premise despite two big scenes setting it as a solid action movie.

It is quite easy to overlook the wardrobe since the focus is more on Ethan Hunt and not women walking around. Something that would be hard to avoid if the title would be James Bond as an example.

Just More MIF Action

When we think about Mission Impossible, it’s almost inevitable, we want just more action. The first scene that comes to mind is the one where Ethan is inches from the white floor holding himself still.

You seem him with the glasses on, the black gloves, shirt, and pants. You see the wire and harness. He’s almost in an X position trying hard not to move. Do you see that in your head, you’re with me? Awesome.

Provided that, when watching the movie, I didn’t remember the cause bringing us to that scene. Do you remember Ethan hiring two disavowed agents? Well, one of them provides Ethan with the noise detector and one telling the temperature.

1996 - Mission Impossible
1996 – Mission Impossible

While the other guy in the conduit is part of the operation and holding Ethan as he goes down, he checks the screen. Everything goes well until a rat shows up. Is it coming back? No, well I guess you have to watch the movie. Haha!

The other significant scene is when the helicopter is going in the tunnel while the TGV train is carrying Ethan, villains, and his only remaining ally. The stage holds up to a point. There are passages where you can tell the green screen was eminent, while others, not as much. So, it’s a hit and misses, but so well built that I was able to brush it off and enjoy the scene.

The 1996 IMF Double-Crossing

Surprisingly, watching Mission Impossible again had me realize how much I love the franchise. Despite the first one being so far from what we see now, it is still a good movie. We have mention of Ethan’s parents, something we do not see in the following film. We understand how Ethan becomes doubtful of anyone surrounding him.

The presentation of the character is almost reminiscent of 007 with more depth and on steroids. Ethan becomes a character that we cheer for and is flesh and blood. His ties to 007 are the use of gadgets, smarts, but on the crazy stunt level, Ethan wins hands down!

1996 - Mission Impossible
1996 – Mission Impossible

The movie has all the classics and more, including the double-crossing that jumps back and forth from one character to the next. A little treat is a scene where Ethan does his magic trick! I forgot about that! If you don’t remember, again, watch it!

That’s It for IMF 1!

So, that’s it! After this little review, I hope I convinced you to give Mission Impossible a watch! Remembering 1996 as the IMF year is just great. Just under two hours, I didn’t even notice it going by. Tonight, I might watch the sequel that I can’t remember the last time I watched.

I know many of us say that Tom Cruise might be a vampire because he doesn’t age, um, going that far back you notice a few changes. He is just as impressive and daring as he always were!

Now, I guess the proper words to end this review would be: your next mission should you choose to accept it is to revisit the first Mission Impossible! No, this review won’t destroy itself. Haha!

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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