Interview with a Book Blogger, The Reading Mermaid

At OCD Nerd News we enjoy interviewing all kinds of nerds, including book bloggers we should know and discover. This week, we are making place for Tamara The Reading Mermaid.

Professional Book Reviewer

I am a professional book reviewer and promoter with a team of professional book reviewers that are very talented and excited to read!

With over a hundred authors under our belt and a rating of one of the top 100 Best Reviewers on Goodreads we are proud to offer free reviews and low-cost promotional services to authors in need of our specialties.

​When you review with us, you get so much more than a rating…you get life-long friendships!

Tamara – Professional Book Reviewer

I am a wife and mother in the Dayton, Ohio area. I am very passionate about books and reading and like to encourage others to read with me.

I write with a passion for the art and when I’m not writing reviews, I’m writing poetry and horror short stories featuring characters with mental illness. I am also an avid whiskey connoisseur. SKAL!

The Interview

And now, the interivew!

ALEXA WAYNE (A.W.): When did you find out you would want to read novels and post your reviews online?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: This all started as a hobby on Litsy. Then I found that not only did I love doing it but that I also had a talent for it.

So I started writing professionally and here I am.

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A.W.: Would you define yourself as a nerd? What do you think makes you a nerd, and how do you share your passion?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: Yes, I could sit here for days and tell you all of my fandoms. Instead, I will invoke ‘The Holy Trilogy’ here, Star Wars! If there is one thing, I geek out on it’s Star Wars.

And although I do like the new Disney movies, the original three films will always have my heart. I mean, how many girls can name you the different classes of starcrafts or tell you what T. I. E. Fighter stands for or what Chewie’s home planet was?

I’m also deep into the E.U. which Disney has done away with, and I’m not too happy about that, but I digress. And I share my passion with others by talking to them.

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I love a good old-fashioned debate on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Batman vs. Superman or D.C. Comics vs. Marvel Comics. Besides discussions, I like finding those around me that share the same passions as I do. It’s good to find like-minded folks that you can talk to.

A.W.: When reading, do you research the novels and authors if so, what makes you choose a book over another?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: I do research the author and book before I agree to read and review them. I have been burned in the past by publishers who were, um, not so lovely.

But I also don’t like to turn anyone down so if there are no issues with things like the book, author or publisher, then I will usually give them a whirl.

A.W.: What is most important to you when choosing a novel?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: As I stated above, the book can’t have any issues with it—legal or otherwise. I don’t want to be tangled up in that mess. 

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A.W.: Which nerd fandom influenced your reading choices?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: My Batman comics and graphic novels for sure! Batman has always been my ultimate hero. His triumphs and tribulations were things I went through with him as I read his comics when I was but a child.

It’s kind of hard to describe, but he has painted a very vivid picture of the world of literature for me, and I tend to follow it for my enjoyment reading. 

A.W.: Which type novels are your favorites, indie or traditionally published, and why are they your favorite?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: I tend to enjoy both just about equally actually. Each one tends to bring their spice to the table. Neither is more heartfelt than the other one is.

They both have their moments of ups and downs, and both are fun to read, whether the enjoyment is good or bad.

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A.W.: Do you have a favorite superhero, and if so, which ones and why?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: Well, I’ve already talked about Batman as my #1 so let’s talk about my #2, Spawn! While I looked up to Batman almost like a father figure, I wanted actually to be Spawn.

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He’s like the ultimate anti-hero. And his powers are everything I would want in a superhero. I mean seriously, how cool would it be to give the devil the middle finger and still be one of the most kick-ass superheroes ever to grace comic books? 

Speaking of which, I happen to have the first printing of Spawn #1 in mint condition and signed by Todd McFarlane himself! It is the crown jewel of my comic book collection.

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A.W.: What type of novels do you think makes you an awesome nerd or geek?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: Any that you geek out over really. Everyone has their tastes and fandoms.

What makes you a nerd is your fandoms; what makes you awesome is yourself!

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A.W.: What sets you apart from other nerdy and geeky reading blogs?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: Cause I’m The f*cking Reading Mermaid! Haha! No, no, just kidding. But seriously, because my reviewers and I maintain a professional demeanor and are very good at what we do.

I’m proud to say that we are one of the best reviewing resources out there, according to Top 100 Best Reviewers on Goodreads. 

A.W.: What can authors look forward to from The Reading Mermaid in 2020?

Tamara The Reading Mermaid: MORE AWESOMENESS! We are going to continue building and going strong and growing.

We have more and more amazing authors that come to us every day seeking our critiques. We will not disappoint them or our readers.

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