Welcome To Mission Impossible 2000

Welcome To Mission Impossible 2000! First the IMF started as a television series. It turned into an iconic movie franchise starring one of the greatest action actors, Tom Cruise. The first IMF movie released in 1996, its sequel, welcome to Mission Impossible 2000!

Mission Impossible II Summary

Welcome to Mission Impossible 2000 style!

Tom Cruise returns to his role as Ethan Hunt in the second instalment of “Mission: Impossible.” This time Ethan Hunt leads his IMF team on a mission to capture a deadly German virus before it is released by terrorists.

His mission is made impossible due to the fact that he is not the only person after samples of the disease. He must also contest with a gang of international terrorists headed by a turned bad former IMF agent who has already managed to steal the cure. — Google

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Mission Impossible II from Movieclips Classic Trailers

Welcome To The Year 2000

The movie’s director was John Woo and of course, filmed in his style. Again, quite different than its predecessor and light-years away from the IMF — Impossible Mission Force, movies that came after. Mission Impossible II, came out on May 24th, 2000, in Canada. It presented us to a new approach for action movies.

The directing style brings us into a more dramatic ambiance. It has a few of what I call, “soap opera” or zooming in and out from character to another one.

The scene at the Spanish mansion comes in by a transition of a red flamenco woman dancer. Few in between, the stylized change of view is not annoying to the eye.

2000 - Mission Impossible II
2000 – Mission Impossible II

2000 had everyone overly happy entering the new millennium. Mission Impossible made the transition right. While the movie cost $125 million to make, it hit the box office with $546.4 million.

It introduced us to new “on the edge of your seat” scenes. Furthermore, it showed us the famous rock climbing scene we can’t forget!

The New Threats of 2000

Just like every decade, the year 2000 had its load of urban legends. One of them was the threat of a new type of invasion. Genetic engineering and biotechnology growing in popularity, new viruses would come out. Pharmaceutical companies would need to come up with vaccines or cures to those threats.

The main enemy of Ethan in this situation is a laboratory where the virus Chimera is and destroy it. As a result, the entire movie revolves around a man’s greed. He wishes to own both the virus intentionally designed and its cure. However, Ambrose doesn’t know where it is, only who his buyer would be.

2000 – Mission Impossible II

For the first time, we watch a new type of enemy, science turning against us. But in the most horrifying way, through healthcare. Many people do believe that most of the diseases we encounter today is the creation of pharmaceutical companies.

It is so that we come to depend on them to live. It is not far-fetched. However, let us not forget that the IMF’s theme revolves around conspiracies and secret societies.

The New Mission Impossible Tech

The signature technology of Mission Impossible is, of course, the use of those famous masks! Having John Woo as a director was a perfect choice. After all, he directed the famous movie, Face Off starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

The use of Ethan as both “good” and “villain” was a good move. It had us wondering if people would notice when it was or wasn’t him. The addition of the voice adapter sticker to the throat was the right decision. We see the advancement in IMF technology, and it has us craving for more.

2000 - Mission Impossible II
2000 – Mission Impossible II

Earpieces are now part of the daily routine of the IMF team. We see the return of Luther, which I rooted for due to my love of the character.

We understand that his part might become permanent in the movie franchise. The presentation of an untraceable chip comes into play and protects the asset of the movie, the professional thief.

Some Steamy Hot 2000

As of now, only one movie later, we saw Ethan caught in his job always brushing against death. However, new director, a new film, now we have him in hot compromising positions!

I won’t lie, the tub scene was quite steamy. I fantasized for a short moment things I would do to Ethan (#sorrynotsorry.) It’s worth a watch!

The chemistry between Ethan and Nyah was palpable. It made the necklace stealing or tub scene along with the bedroom morning moment even more believable. We can see another side to Ethan that wasn’t present in the first movie.

I believe it to be due to the director’s drama flare, maybe? It added drama to the story. Moreover, while it was steamy, it felt true to Ethan‘s character. It showed a protective side that Ethan possesses. The smile on his face, his arrogant yet charming ways, perfect for the story.

The 2000 Action Scenes

Nobody can forget the famous rock climbing scene. That was where we learned that Tom Cruise dared do his stunts and enjoyed putting himself at risk. Dedicated actor, he showed his prowess numerous times in the movie and throughout the entire franchise.

Welcome to Mission Impossible 2000!

2000 - Mission Impossible II
2000 – Mission Impossible II

The rock climbing scene is now an iconic action scene everyone remembers. Filmed dramatically, showing each movement Ethan makes with precision, making it even more memorable.

The transition between the sharing of the mission and the throw of the nineties glasses, perfect. Without a doubt, one of the coolest scenes ever filmed.

More Of Mission Impossible 2000 Action

Following the rock climbing scene that had us all on edge in the theatres, another action scene is the re-use. The wire descent through a ventilation mechanism comes back. We can see a tied Ethan going down by the top of the building into a ventilation system.

He has forty seconds to go in and have the wire out. We can still admire his perfectly synchronized weight shifting body. He holds himself still not to make a noise before he unties himself. Perfection.

2000 - Mission Impossible II
2000 – Mission Impossible II

Mission Impossible wouldn’t be so impossible without more action, right? The long but epic road chase between Ethan on the motorcycle and Ambrose on a red bike was impressive. Do I believe every car hit would explode? No, but for the sake of the movie, it was impressive nonetheless.

The last fight is, of course, one of the best. The agility and flexibility of Tom Cruise are admirable, and I had to look him up to see his training. While the actor does not show official ranks or belts in martial arts, his discipline is nonetheless impressive.

However, I was able to find out that he was in his school wrestling team. He declared that it taught him many of his moves. I could say that in the movies, I recognized a few wrestling moves.


Welcome To An Iconic Mission Impossible

The second Mission Impossible established the genre and name as one of the best spy action movies. Better than its predecessors, the bar was now higher. As a result, fans of the IMF now expects more out of Ethan, Luther and maybe some permanent helpers.

While many believe spy and espionage movies are over, two iconic names proves to us we’re not. 007 and Mission Impossible. We still enjoy those stories, and we’re far from done with them.

Mission Impossible Theme Song from Warner Records

As long as actors like Tom Cruise are there. Ultimately, incredible action and triple double-crosses movies keeps the audience glued to the screen.

The bottom line is, a new Mission Impossible is on the move. This is Mission Impossible II, so you know what comes up next, III. I’m reliving an excellent franchise, guys, treat yourself watching the IMF movies! No regrets!

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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