Black Holes Are The Future of Everything

Not so long ago, black holes were only theories, and some might say even just a myth. However, mathematics and scientists found it hard to ignore when all fell into place. Then, recently, a young lady caught the very first photo of what once was just a legend.

What Is A Black Hole In The Universe?

The collective knowledge of a black hole in space is that it swallows everything, even light. The reality is, a black hole is a little more complicated than that.

To first understand a black hole, we must know that they didn’t always swallow everything but give life and light. That’s right. Black holes were once suns. Ultimately, black holes are the future of everything.

Unlike our sun, black holes can only take place with red giant suns. They occur once a sun exhausted all their reserves of fuel. Once they are “empty,” the red giants usually collapses on itself due to their massive weight repurposing itself into a dense entity, i.e., black hole.

Milky Way
Milky Way

However, why would our sun not become a black hole? The reason is simple. It is too small. Therefore, there is not enough fuel to create a black hole that requires a certain level of density and gravity to create itself. Our sun, in the end, goes supernova, but not turn into a black hole.

Nevertheless, there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy!

The Future Of Black Holes On Pictures

A black hole possesses so strong a gravity that it pulls everything without releasing one single particle of it.

In other words, it swallows light and does not let it out. It is one of the reasons why finding a black hole is one of the most challenging tasks. Without light, how can you see?

Black Hole - Messier 87 - Katie Bouman
Black Hole – Messier 87 – Katie Bouman

A black hole has a usual spot in a telescope due to movement in space with either rotation of planets moving, or star positioning.

When astronomers realize that some of those stars that were present disappear or that light aren’t reflecting, usually, it is a sign that a black hole either occurred or is present.

However, it is not until recently that a clear picture came to light from Katie Bouman.

The Future Of The Universe

I am more passionate about Loop Quantum Gravity or LQG, the union of what we know as quantum mechanics and general relativity by the inclusion of the standard model into the already existing establishment in what we know of quantum gravity.

Now, as I bring LQG like every space nerd or space-related science, let’s see what they have to say about black holes. Black holes are now a phenomenon that many people know about as of today. We are aware of its presence in our galaxy, the universe even.

Milky Way
Milky Way

It is no longer a myth. There are proofs of its existence everywhere. More black holes than we thought exist throughout our universe, and they are waltzing around swallowing entire galaxies!

LQG does not deny Einstein’s hundred-year-old theory of relativity, but they recognize that those black holes are mysterious and might hold answers. Henceforth, loop quantum gravity’s theories on the subject: white holes.

What happens once the matter is inside the hole?

The Future Of Black Holes

Because Loop Quantum Gravity has the potential of explaining the quantum mechanical characterization of gravity by contenting upon answers, in other words, they are the perfect candidate to turn to for questions regarding the new myth: white holes.

LQG believes that it is a possibility that spacetime is possible inside the black hole, at its center, where the future takes place. Basically, inside the black hole is the geometry of a white hole.

Black Hole
Black Hole

Moreover, despite a black hole swallowing everything where light cannot even escape, the opposite reaction happens in its “belly.”

While a black hole seems to be the end of everything, it might be the exact opposite!

White Holes Are The Future

According to scientists, a white hole is the exact opposite of a black hole. What does that mean? It means that instead of swallowing all matter, it spits it out. It might sound crazy, but according to loop quantum gravity, the distortion of the geometrical spacetime within the center of a black hole can permit for such a formation possible by the laws of general relativity.

Despite the loop quantum gravity field to be younger than the string theory, it does provide answers their senior theorists can’t.

Albert Einstein - 1920
Albert Einstein – 1920

It follows the “with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” henceforth, the black hole and white hole. In other words, no light escapes to light release.

Are Black holes the end and beginning? Could that be possible? We do not know. However, we do understand that the study of black holes is essential and primordial to the understanding and comprehension of our universe.

Black Holes

This article was only a general thought and finding of black holes in our universe and the place they have.

Hypothesis and suggestions are subjects that matter in the field of science. General understanding of such magnitude is often beyond our ability to comprehend but is essential if we are to prevail on Earth.

Black Hole
Black Hole

Black holes are real. They move, they swallow, they create possibilities for space travel and hold many answers to our many questions when it comes to time and space.

Some see it as the most destructive force, while others, like me, believe they are the beginning and a misunderstood hunger.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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