Space-Time Magazine came to life when A. Wayne laid her Icefall novel out to make it a sci-fi horror series. She needed a magazine where one of her characters would be working and so the idea to create a real magazine to connect to her novel became real.

Her imagination is always running a thousand km/h, A. Wayne or Alexa Wayne knew she couldn’t make it happen alone. One single individual runs no magazine. It takes a collective and people from a different nerdy background. Her idea: merging sci-fi and science in one place. It’s happening!

The Aliens!

Alexa wouldn’t do anything without her #1, Kendra Hale. Already COO for Gothic Bite Magazine, she now is COO for STM. Alexa is a proud Trekker and knows the impact of the series on people, but she also recognizes the ever-growing influence of Star Wars throughout the world and so, Edward Hale is joining the team as the Star Wars expert!

Luna is part of GBM, and her love for fantasy and paranormal expends to Doctor Who, no one can talk about sci-fi and not include the iconic British sci-fi series surrounding the iconic TARDIS!

The family might seem small, but it is, and we are looking to add to our alien team! The subject of science and science-fiction is one that is always growing and intrigue people to think outside of their world and realize that we are quite small when looking at just our solar system, our quadrant, our galaxy, and this universe…

Nerd Coming!

This magazine is the product of one idea for a novel becoming a reality. One collective creating one magazine to please the sci-fi fandom and some curious minds. Nothing here is unique to one category only. It is a place for anyone who desires to read about space, science and a little sci-fi.

With a passion for alien life, Alexa wishes to add to the mix a little ufology and cases that might inspire nightmares and terror. She wouldn’t associate to anything without a little pinch of fright. There are stories out there she wishes to share, and some might be nerdy, but others might straighten the hair on the back of your neck!

The Journey Just Begun


In March 2018, Gothic Bite Magazine saw the light of day, in March 2019, Space-Time Magazine is alive. Let’s say that imagination is everything when it comes to the nerd fandom and the might of those who are open to the final frontier. After all, it isn’t so far from GBM when you think about it as after all: in space, no one can hear you scream…

Welcome to Space-Time, welcome to your most beautiful nightmare!
The Aliens