Andrew Toynbee

I’ve been an avid sci-fi fan for forty years, growing up in the ‘early days’ of the original series Star Trek, Gerry Anderson’s UFO and Space 1999, and then the original Star Wars trilogy, movies which changed the face of science fiction forever.

I discovered a deep love of science fiction when I started reading Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven and Andre Norton, books I mostly borrowed from my local library, I wore out several cards in those days. These authors inspired and educated in equal measure.

Andrew Toynbee
Andrew Toynbee

However, when I stumbled across four of EE ‘Doc’ Smith’s Lensman books at the tender age of fifteen, I was stunned by the scale and power of this new universe of inertialess drive starships, star-powered weapons, an intergalactic conflict. This discovery coincided with the blast of adventure and pure entertainment of the original Star Wars.

To balance the ‘pew-pew’ nature of Star Wars, I made an effort to watch every Star Trek movie on the big screen. To this day, I enjoy both genres, each for different reasons.

My immediate response was to start writing my own stories, creating new worlds and new species which I, one day, hoped might entertain new readers.

The source of my inspiration wasn’t all fantasy. Forty years of owning and rebuilding classic cars lent me a healthy respect for vehicle maintenance, plus thirteen years in the RAF gave me hands-on experience of supersonic hardware and military thinking. Those experiences gave me the insight I needed to create MCA-RD-EL-5007, the highly-modified and snarky AI driven fighter plane which features in my current sci-fi trilogy.

I’m also a huge fan of superhero movies, and am loving the recent wave of Marvel and DC characters, brought to life in TV series and on the big screen.
Back in reality, I am a steadfast follower of hard science and theoretical physics, and love being in what I consider to be the future. Every new invention takes humanity closer to the stars.

Cosmology and astronomy continue to fascinate me, and I hope to weave as many of these far-reaching ideas into future stories. My debut trilogy features, scientifically-feasible, Angels watching over humankind, and demons who resent both of the first two.

Star Wars
Star Wars

I’m eager to read and contribute to Space-Time Magazine and share some of my thoughts and ideas.

Andrew 1999 Toynbee

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