C. Brady

My earliest exposure to science fiction was watching hours of Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad eating a gallon jar of sweet pickles, and a block of cheese when I was a young child. I love Star Trek, Star Wars , major faux pas I know, forgive me I like both, action movies, comic book superheroes, Final Fantasy, and even mech anime: Gundam W is my favorite of those, Neon Genesis Evangelion is another.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

I am a geek through and through. Adoring science in school, I initially went to college for meteorology for a short time with a minor in astronomy, wound up with Literary Fiction Editing and Publishing, what are the chances? lol. I have always held a soul-deep love for the skies and cosmos. They called to me in my darkest times, inviting me to take their hand to different places and worlds where I could escape the everyday.

Growing up, I could not stargaze enough, could not spend enough time outside often wandering away from home using the skies to navigate back home. To this day, if I know where the sun is, I can get myself back home in nearly every situation, and locate Orion, I love you until the end, if he is out. My heart is happiest under the dark star dotted blanket.

My personality thrives in an intense environment, much like the planets around us. They each have their own systems and factors that make them unique. I hope to delve into planetary sciences and environments, to discover their secrets and divulge them to you so you can build a rich and complex world of your own.

Weather Network Brady

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