Edward Hale

How’s it going folks, my name is Ed, and I’m a nerd. I guess that’s as good a way to start this as any, so here we go.

I was born in Virginia back in 1976, luckily, I had parents that enjoyed movies, because that introduced me to one of my biggest passions, film. I appreciate all sorts of movies, but primarily, I enjoy Horror and Sci-Fi the most.

Edward Hale aka Darth Hale
Edward Hale aka Darth Hale

It all had to do with a little gem I saw in 1980 called Star Wars — The Empire Strikes Back. That movie changed my life and immediately opened the door to the Star Wars universe for this guy. Now, before you get mad at me, I saw almost all of the Star Trek films in theaters as well, so, there is plenty of love for the other two.

I grew to love comics and video games as a kid, seeing them as untapped resources for films and television for the longest of times. I have mainly been a gamer since there were video games to be played, from the Atari to the PS4, I have seen and played them all.

Now, I love to read, so comics were a natural fit for me as well. I always gravitated toward DC Comics and anyone who could do a good Star Wars comic too.

I am happily married to the most amazing woman I have ever had the honor of knowing, a woman whose level of nerd matches my own by the way. We collect everything together, be it Funko Pops or Star Wars Black Series action figures, it’s always better when you do the things you love with the people you love.

So, there you go. Expect a lot of Star Wars knowledge to be dropped on you, a lot of cool game reviews, and whatever else we can come up with for you eager readers out there. So, as you will get used to me saying, I will see ya in the games.

Edward Hale

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