Interview with a Book Blogger, The Reading Mermaid

I love a good old-fashioned debate on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Batman vs. Superman or D.C. Comics vs. Marvel Comics. Besides discussions, I like finding those around me that share the same passions as I do. It’s good to find like-minded folks that you can talk to. … More Interview with a Book Blogger, The Reading Mermaid

Discovery says Goodbye to Enterprise

In two seasons, Discovery encountered more deaths revolving around its main crew and adversaries than ever before. Is it due to the new trend made famous through the series of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Killing characters that the viewer wouldn’t expect is now something familiar. Don’t get attached too quickly; your favorite character might die in the next 42 minutes! … More Discovery says Goodbye to Enterprise

Space Battles Round 1 – Darth Vader vs Q

In the world of Space Battles there are two giants that reign above as the most well-known. Star Wars and Star Trek fans have been notoriously at odds with each other throughout the years with the debate being which series is the best space opus? The best story, the best characters, which is truly the best overall in terms of development? … More Space Battles Round 1 – Darth Vader vs Q

The Warp Drive

Science fiction is nothing more than imagination colliding with science and morphing into an idea that might become plausible. For years, we witnessed many gadgets come out of the iconic sci-fi franchise, Star Trek, but the one fans are really waiting for to see become reality is: the Warp Drive. … More The Warp Drive